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Project description

The goal of the HyperTree Java Library is to provide a library to ease the implementation of hyperbolic tree visualization.
See Inxight site for examples about hyperbolic tree visualization.

Project page on SourceForge.


The hyperbolic tree visualization has been heavily patented by Xerox. So, the use of an hyperbolic implementation, whoever coded it, is illegal in the coutries where the patent applies, if Xerox doesn't gives its agreement. And I don't know if the diffusion of an executable hyperbolic tree visualization is legal or not.

But I know that a software is NOT pattentable in Europe : Article 52, 2-c. So, the distribution of the executable hypertree java library has been transfered to a french site :


Before downloading it, you have to check by yourself that you have the right to download, store and/or use the package. I think that if you are american, you don't have the right to use it, because of the Xerox software patents.As I am not a specialist in american laws, please checks this with your local lawyer.

However, I think that if you are a non-profit organisation or a member of education, then you may have the right to use it. That's what I have understood from the message of Inxight's official on Slashdot (last message on the page). So, maybe, for educational purpose only, you american people could have the right to dowload and use this package. Checks this with your local lawyer.

Related Projects

The HyperTree Java Library is used and ameliorated by the author of Ontographics.

The HyperTree Java Library is used in the Motu Project. Motu is a prototype in Java which provides support for virtual teams and projects.

See also the TreeMap Java Library, by the same author.

Screen capture

Hypertree screen capture